Self-Assessment Tools

Substance Use Self-Assessments

Starting a journey to recovery begins with self-awareness and introspection. Self-assessment serves as a crucial initial step, offering individuals an opportunity to evaluate their relationship with alcohol or drugs.

This collection of self-assessment tools provides a structured framework for individuals to initiate this critical evaluation process, facilitating informed decisions and fostering a path toward recovery and well-being. Take the first step towards understanding and confronting alcohol or drug-related challenges by engaging in these self-assessment tests.

Alcohol Self-Assessment

Are you questioning whether alcohol might be causing issues in your life? Do you worry about the impact alcohol has on your daily activities? This straightforward self-assessment consists of 26 questions designed to assist you in assessing whether you or someone you know may benefit from learning more about alcohol use.

Instructions: These questions are designed to help you evaluate the role of alcohol in your life. Please note that this self-test does not cover other substances used for medical or non-medical purposes.

Drug Self-Assessment

Are you questioning whether drug use is becoming an issue in your life? Do you have concerns about your drug use? This concise self-assessment comprising 20 questions aims to assist in recognizing whether drug use poses a problem, either for yourself or for a friend or family member.

Instructions: The following questions pertain to your involvement with drugs, encompassing both non-medical usage and excessive consumption of prescribed or over-the-counter medications.

Teen Self-Assessment 

Are worried about substance use? By responding to the questions below, you can assess if you or someone you know might be facing alcohol or drug-related challenges and require support.

Instructions: These questions serve as a self-assessment to evaluate alcohol and drug involvement in your life. When answering each question, please reflect on your behavior over the past 12 months.