2024 Public Policy Agenda

As NCADD National continues to advocate for those affected by substance misuse, we recognize the critical role advocacy plays in shaping the national dialogue and driving significant change. At NCADD, we take pride in representing the unified voice of our Member Affiliates, dedicated to assisting individuals and families facing challenges related to substance misuse across the country. Through our advocacy efforts, we magnify the valuable work of our affiliates, who strive to inform policymakers, raise awareness about the profound impact of substance misuse, and advocate for effective solutions to address this complex issue. By empowering our affiliates to speak up for those impacted by substance misuse, we amplify their voices and advocate for policies prioritizing recovery, support, and hope for those in need.

2024 Public Policy Agenda:

  • Funding and Access to Care
  • Recovery Support
  • Harm Reduction and Decriminalization
  • Parity Compliance
  • Addressing Problem Gambling
  • Combating Stigma and Discrimination
  • Planning and Technology Advancements
  • Cannabis Legalization